David W. Gill Speaking/Teaching Track Record (Christian groups)

What follows is a list of many of my speaking and teaching events for Christian groups of various kinds.  This list does not include my business and professional events in corporate, professional, academic, or community settings (described at my other web site:www.ethixbiz.com).

After more than 50 years of public speaking and teaching this list is long but it is actually incomplete because I didn’t always write everything down.  But it is representative of the kind of things I feel I have been called to do and the kinds of places and groups I have been called to serve. 

I have divided this list into three sections.  First are the colleges, universities, and seminaries where I have been invited to teach or lecture on Christian ethics (not including my business and technology gigs unless I was being asked explicitly to provide a Christian perspective).  Second are university campus Christian student and faculty groups, usually related to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a nondenominational network of Christians in universities around the world.  And third are the churches of various denominations for whom I have preached sermons, led retreats and workshops, and taught adult education classes.


New College Berkeley: from 1977-90 I was a full time professor of Christian ethics in this non-denominational graduate school of Christian and interdisciplinary studies geared toward laypeople interested in integrating faith, values, and work. I taught many courses, spoke in chapel frequently, and gave many public lectures over the years; I served as Dean (1979-86) and President (1986-90).

North Park University: from 1992-2001 I was Carl I. Lindberg Professor of Applied Ethics based in the philosophy department at this urban Chicago liberal arts college; I taught a Christian ethics course once or twice a year for the college and/or seminary and spoke in the college chapel once a year or so. 

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary: from 2010-16 I was Mockler-Phillips Professor of Workplace Theology & Business Ethics and Director of the Mockler Center for Faith & Ethics in the Workplace. I taught courses every year on Christian Ethics, Workplace & Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship in Church and Community and other related topics. 

Fuller Theological Seminary: in 1976 and then from 2002-2006 I taught a dozen courses for Fuller Seminary, mostly in their San Francisco or Phoenix extension programs. This is the equivalent of a two-year teaching load for a full-time professor.

Regent College: since 1993 I have taught six or seven summer school intensive courses for this interdenominational graduate school of theology in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia. This is the equivalent of a one-year teaching load for a full-time professor.

In addition, I have given lectures on topics or perspectives in Christian ethics at:
Ashland University
Wheaton College
Westmont College
Sonoma State University
University of California, Davis
William Jessup University
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
Pepperdine University
Seattle Pacific University
Olivet University
Fresno Pacific College
Mennonite Brethren Seminary


UC Berkeley
UC Davis
Boston College
University of Arizona
Arizona State University
Northern Arizona University
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
University of Oregon
Oregon State University
Portland State University
Reed College
Northwestern University
University of Chicago
University of Minnesota
University of Wisconsin
University of Illinois
Purdue University


1964-1979:  From about age 18 to 25 I was a very active lay teacher and preacher in the Plymouth Brethren, the sectarian movement of my family and forebears going back four generations.  From age 21 to 25 I also preached sermons or led classes almost every week for inmates at the Alameda County Juvenile Hall.  From 25 to 33, without keeping a list, I preached many sermons and led many classes for various Plymouth Brethren, Jesus People, Quaker, Catholic Worker, Anabaptist/Mennonite, and Evangelical Covenant fellowships.

Berkeley Covenant Church:  from 1980-90 this was our family church home.  I preached a couple sermons each year and taught adult education classes maybe two months every year;  since 1990 I have been a guest speaker a few times and a church retreat leader for Berkeley Covenant Church

University Covenant Church, Davis:  from 1990-92, in between my academic jobs in Berkeley and Chicago, I served this 350 member church as their Interim Senior Pastor as a Licensed Minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church. During my two years as pastor I preached two services every Sunday morning, probably about 70 or 80 different sermons in two years, in addition to a long list of classes, special events, funerals, weddings, and the like.  Since 1994 I have been a guest preacher, workshop and men’s retreat leader for the church.

First Presbyterian Church of Evanston:  from 1996-2001 this was our home church;  I was an active leader and teacher in their Adult Education program.

First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley: during 1977-90 and 2001–10 I was an occasional guest preacher, retreat speaker, adult education teacher.

Trinitarian Congregational Church, Wayland MA:  from September 2011 to August 2012 I served as Interim Preacher/Pastor preaching two sermons each week and helping the church through its transition to a new Senior Pastor.

In addition I have been a guest preacher or teacher for the following churches (partial list)
Allen Temple Baptist Church (Oakland CA)
Tiburon Baptist Church
Sequoyah Community Church (AG)
Piedmont Community Church (UCC)
Episcopal Church (St. Helena)
Episcopal Church (Jacksonville FL)
Episcopal Church (Lafayette)
Episcopal Church (Benicia)
College Avenue Presbyterian
Bel Air Presbyterian Church
Hollywood Presbyterian
Dolores Park Church (San Francisco)
Marin Covenant Church (CA)
First Covenant Church (Oakland CA)
Mercer Island Covenant Church (WA)
Westminster Chapel (Bellevue WA)
North Park Covenant Church (Chicago)
Calvary Covenant Church (Chicago)
Ethiopian Church (Phoenix)
Presbyterian Church (Phoenix)
Anointed Baptist Church (Haitian, Boston MA)
L’Oasis (Bordeaux France)
Park Street Church (Boston)
International Covenant Church (Stockholm)
Solano Community Church (Albany CA)
Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston
Abundant Life Church (Cambridge MA)
First Congregational Church (Kennebunkport ME)